When we say “shoplifting in Peru,” does Walmart come to mind? It should, given the amount of incidents that allegedly happen at the store on the north edge of town.

Thursday night, police responded to a call about a retail theft. They charged 57-year-old Sylvia Guenzi of Spring Valley with retail theft, use of an unlawful or fraudulent driver's license. And she was arrested on an outstanding warrant for theft in La Salle County. She posted bond on the warrant and was let go with a court date on the other charges.

On Friday, a homeless woman was arrested for suspected retail theft at Walmart. 27-year-old Tiffany Michalski (muh-CHALL-skee) was released with a notice to appear in court.

Same story for 27-year-old Justice Jones of Hesperia (hess-PARE-ee-uh) California, who was arrested at Walmart on suspicion of retail theft and released with a court date.

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