Greyhound Connect

Do you like visiting Chicago, Bloomington or Champaign but would rather not have to drive?  There’s a new way to get to those places without putting miles on your car.

Oglesby is a stop on a Greyhound bus route from Danville to Chicago and vice versa.  Each morning a bus leaves out from Chicago at 6:45 and will arrive at Beck’s in Oglesby at 10:15.  That bus then takes you to Bloomington, Champaign and the end of line at Danville. 

The other route starts in Danville at 11 in the morning and arrives in Oglesby at 2:40.  The northbound route then takes you to Rochelle, Rockford, Elgin and then to Chicago. 

The cost of riding the bus is 35 cents per mile.  You can find out more about the new Greyhound bus route through Oglesby by clicking here

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