Peter Bergsma

A Michigan man accused of opening fire at two Oglesby police officers won't be going to trial anytime soon.

Thirty-five-year-old Peter Bergsma is still waiting to have his mental fitness evaluated by a court-appointed physician. Bergsma's defense attorney filed a motion to have this done and all sides agreed. The mental evaluation is done at the county taxpayer's expense. Bergsma was in court Thursday and was given another status hearing June 17th.  

Bergsma has been locked up since late December after he allegedly stepped out of his RV and shot at two Oglesby police officers who responded to a suspicious vehicle call on the campus of Illinois Valley Community College. Bergsma is accused of stealing a squad car, ditching it shortly after and setting off a manhunt that ended near the Shippingsport Bridge near La Salle. Both officers involved weren't injured.

Bergsma faces five felony charges including two counts of attempted murder.

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