Burning Field

The warm, dry weather is prompting burn bans across Starved Rock Country.

Cedar Point is banning all open burning, including recreational fires. The Cedar Point Fire Department says it will update the status of the burn ban on its Facebook page. When it's lifted, they'll post that information.

The entire Granville/Hennepin Fire Protection District is under a burn ban, too. Fire Chief Neil Buffington says this includes any and all type of open burning including recreational fires and will continue until conditions improve.

And Tonica Fire District Chief Alan Stremlau has put the district under a burn ban effective immediately. The same order is in effect for Lostant and Toluca-Rutland fire districts.

Add to the list Utica Fire District. Chief Ben Brown says please no burning of landscape waste, household trash and no using  burn barrels. Recreational fires are still allowed as long as there no more than 3 feet in diameter, are 25 feet from structures. A shovel and water hose are nearby and a responsible person is on hand until the fire is extinguished.

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