La Salle County Board

The La Salle County Board Thursday gave the Sheriff a salary bump, while narrowly voting against an increase in per-diem pay for themselves.

Per the State of Illinois, the La Salle County Sheriff cannot be paid less than 80 percent of the State’s Attorney’s salary. Including an annual stipend, the sheriff will be paid more than 154 thousand dollars a year, a much higher amount than has been paid to the sheriff to date. Board members noted one sticky point: The higher salary exists as part of the controversial new state crime law that has raised the ire of so many. It’s unclear how any changes to the law would impact the salary.

Members of the county board voted down a proposed increase of their own per diem payments from 60 dollars to 100 dollars a day. The current per-diem amount was last increased 28 years ago.

The vote was close: 13 voted against the bump, and 11 voted in favor of it. The boardroom was quiet as Douglas Trager of Ottawa hesitated before he cast the deciding vote to kill the proposed increase. Later in the meeting, Trager moved to institute a reduced increase to 85 dollars a day, and this motion failed, as well.

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