City of La Salle

Downtown La Salle will be installing at least one electric-vehicle charging station. The location is to be determined.

Leah Inman is the city’s Director of Economic Development. She made the case in favor of a two-car charging station at last (Monday) night’s city council meeting. And, aldermen and Mayor Jeff Grove showed enthusiastic support for the proposal.

Inman said the need is there, pointing out that the chargers at Hy-Vee Supermarket in Peru are for Tesla vehicles only, and that a couple of other stations in the area aren’t meant for all vehicle makes, nor are they fast to charge. La Salle’s chargers would be the only machines in at least a 50-mile radius fill up any electric vehicle, and faster. Meanwhile, a downtown location not only would be more visible, she says, but close to dining and shopping for the hour or so that cars could be charging. Each charging unit would cost about eight thousand dollars, a cost that would come from TIF funds, and could show a profit immediately.

Inman also cited statistics that show electric vehicle sales have grown more than 640 percent since 2013, and 41 million are expected on the roads by 2040. Inman suggested a two-car charger in the city parking lot at Second and Marquette streets, but Mayor Jeff Grove and aldermen want to discuss other possible locations, too. 

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