St. Margaret's Health-Spring Valley's been hacked, but they've taken steps to stanch the bleeding.

Linda Burt is Vice President of Quality and Community Services for the enterprise. She tells WLPO News that the hack occurred overnight Saturday into Sunday, and that it only impacts the Spring Valley hospital and clinics. The IT administrator recognized the cyber-attack for what it was right away, and had cybersecurity experts on site on Sunday. To limit the damage, they shut down all electronic patient records, the patient portal and email.

Burt says the good news is, although St. Margaret's is merging with the former Illinois Valley Community Hospital, the networks hadn't merged yet. And, she says, St. Margaret's administration conducts drills for this kind of incident. All diagnostic imaging work is shifting to Peru until the system's repaired, and the Spring Valley sites are doing it old school – shifting back to paper. Meanwhile, St. Margaret's Spring Valley patients may experience some delays.


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