Illinois Valley Community College

Do you think college's today teach with a political slant?

Dozens of people showed up to Thursday night's Illinois Valley Community College Board of Trustees meeting, many upset about some questions that showed up on a political science exam. The questions allegedly asked students about getting rid of the Electoral College, how the right-wing media is negatively impacting democracy and the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

La Salle County Republican Party Chairman Larry Smith spoke to trustees, calling the exam questions “inappropriate” and “politically biased”. He suggested some type of community-based review process of curriculum.

IVCC President Jerry Corcoran defended the exam questions by mentioning an Academic Freedom policy that allows faculty “freedom of research in their discipline”. He backs the teacher's union position that a faculty member's test questions are “intellectual property”. Corcoran also says the college will explore the idea of a community review of course content but he's unaware of any other community college having that in place.

The debate last well over an hour, featuring opinions on both sides of the issue. Larry Smith and some others meanwhile spoke in representation of a group calling itself YANA or (You are Not Alone).

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