Ottawa High School

In Ottawa, traffic changes are coming to Veterans Bridge due to its construction activities and, OTHS opening.

If you're driving southbound on La Salle street, be in the far-right lane to cross the bridge. If you're headed to OTHS, use the far-left lane to turn onto Main. If you're northbound on Columbus, be aware that the Main Street intersection will be police-controlled during peak school traffic times. Drop-off zones before and after school will be in the student parking lot. On school days, westbound traffic on Main will not be permitted between 7am and 8:15. And, until August 30th, westbound traffic on Main will not be allowed on school days between 1:50 to 2:45. During these closures, all vehicular traffic will be routed east on Main to Green Street.

Pedestrians crossing the river should use the bridge's west sidewalk. If you're on the south side, cross over at Center street. If you're on the north side, use the river walk.

Motorists can expect delays in this area and be prepared for slow or stopped traffic.

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