An anti-Kinzinger rally Saturday spent more time on election losses and the party now in charge. About three hundred stood in Ottawa's Washington Park in cold and misting conditions.

It was sixteenth District Congressman Adam Kinzinger's vote to impeach then President Trump that angered the La Salle County Republican Central Committee and prompted them to have the rally.

Larry Kaifesh, who lost to Tammy Duckworth in a 2014 House race took a turn at the mike. Kaifesh praised Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan's critical stance on Russian collusion, election fraud and the current impeachment. Calling Kinzinger, the “Coward of the County”, Kaifesh added this:

A DePaul psychology student spoke of her support of Trump, but said nothing of Kinzinger. Committee Vice-Chairman Larry Langston tore into the state's recently passed criminal reform bill – and of what we heard of the speech – didn't mention Kinzinger.


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